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AIT simplified application process makes it as easy as possible for you to apply to AIT.

Best of all, an Admissions Representative will walk you through the entire process from start to finish. We'll help you pick the program that's right for you, clearly explain everything you need to submit, and more. We'll even have a faculty sit down with you and discuss the programt and type may be applicable to you.

Ou mission is simple: to offer a highly-instructional, real-world education that qualifies you for an rewarding, long-term career in health care.


We do offer students individualized attention to:

* Identify a career program that best suits their interests and capabilities.

* Develop a financing plan that is manageable, and secure financial aid for those who qualify.

* Provide first-class student services that contribute to student success and achievement.

* Equip its students with the skills and knowledge to qualify for employment in their field of study.

* Succeed in their classes and gain the knowledge and skills needed to graduate.

* Be prepared for expectations in the workplace.

* Conduct a job search and present themselves positively in a competitive job market.

* Secure jobs that meet their career goals.

* Encourage students to envision education as a life-long learning process.

* Continue on a path of self-improvement and career

Admission Process:

Applying is as easy as 1-2-3! Just follow the steps below and you'll be part of AIT student family.

1) Meet with an admissions representative:This interview gives you the opportunity to sit down and review the program catalog, ask questions relating to courses, and discuss career goals.

2) Submit your application packet : The following items are required to be completed when you apply to the school:

  • Official School Application
  • Request for High School Diploma, High School Equivalency or GED or Graduate
  • Enrollment Agreement
  • Payment of Registration Fee

3) Program Induction : This process will get you understand AIT best practices and resourses to succeed in program.


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