Financial Assistance
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Financial Assistance

Financial assistance is any grant, scholarship, loan or money given in assistance to help fund one’s career training education.

It can be given by State, local or private level.

Private Student loans : A loan not handled by government. Rather, it is a non-federal loan, issued by a lender, such as bank or credit union.

Grants: Do not need to be paid back.

Scholarship and State Grants : Scholarships are awards that do not have to be paid back. State grants are available for training in various fields and are issued by One-Stop Career Centers.

Types of Scholarships :

Merit based – Given to students based on academic, athletic and other performance measurements.

Need based- Based on the student and family financial records.

Career specific : Usually awarded by school based on a student program of study.It is best to contact AIT representative to receive more information about scholarships.