Cyber Security for Executives
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Cyber Security for Executives

Cyber Security Program for Executives

This Cyber Security program will enable Executives to learn, assess and take proactive steps to mitigate the growing threats of cyber security in the organization. In this program, you will get a clear understanding of the fundamental concepts involved in cyber security,  build your skills to implement a risk assessment framework in your organization that will help to mitigate cyber security threats and close gaps on cyber security that could potentially be threat for business liability and continuance.


Program Focus

  • Provide an insight into Cyber Security Planning and understanding key frameworks like NIST
  • Understanding the value of institutionalizing Cyber Security Risk Management within organization
  • Understand roles and responsibilities of the management team in the implementation of a Cyber Security Framework within organization.


Program Coverage

  • Importance of Cyber Security
    • Overview of Cyber Security and it’s impact on the Corporate World
    • Building the Cyber Security Culture
    • Incident Detection, Reporting and Resolution


  • Cyber Security – Focus Areas
    • Terminology / Type of Cyber Attacks
    • Federal Guidelines
    • Impact and Limitation of Laws


  • Cyber Security Risk Management Process
    • Governance
    • Why do you need a Cyber Security Risk Management Process?
    • Learning about Cyber Security Frameworks and associated Management Tools
    • Risk Management Process Recommendations
    • Information on Cyber Security Insurance to overcome Cyber Security Breaches


  • Tools, Technologies & Products
    • Firewall
    • Identity & Access Management
    • DevSecOps
    • AI-based tools for cyber threat detection and mitigation


  • Building Team, Role Profiles and Responsibilities
    • Cyber Security Organization Implementation Oversight
    • Role of Senior Management and other key stakeholders in understanding and mitigating Cyber Security Risks


  • Next Steps
    • Define Action Plan for Organization
    • References, Communities, Further Study Material

Program Schedule & Duration
4 hours Self-Paced Online Course

Program Fees