Full Stack Developer
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Full Stack Developer


The Full Stack Developer program will prepare you for a job as a Full Stack Web Developer, and teach you to build complex server-side web applications that use powerful relational databases to persistently store data.

You’ll learn to build applications that can support any front-end, and scale to support hundreds of thousands of users.

The Full-Stack Developer training program begins with Node.js and Express.js, which provide a solid foundation to understand and build web applications with the help of JavaScript. Next, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of Angular to help master front-end web development. Finally, you will receive training in MongoDB to learn all of the features of NoSQL database technology. We have included JavaScript, HTML, and CSS as electives to give you a further edge in becoming a full-stack develop


Section 1: HTML & CSS, OOP, Ruby, SQL, ORM After diving into HTML5 & CSS, students get comfortable with object-oriented programming, learning to read websites with Ruby and save data to a database with SQL and Object Relational Mappers.


Sections 2 & 3: Sinatra, Rails
Students learn two key Ruby frameworks, first mastering the fundamentals of web programming with Sinatra before
experiencing how quickly they can


Section 4: JavaScript, React
Students gain a thorough understanding of JavaScript and functional programming — crucial for front-end devs —
and start to build their own version of React before moving onto the framework itself.


Section 5: React, Redux, JSON
Students learn to build productive, scalable front-ends with React and Redux, creating slick, functional, reactive code
with Redux as a state manager and Rails as the back-end JSON API.


Each curriculum section concludes with a comprehensive project meant to demonstrate students’ learnings in their portfolios. Section Leads run 1:1 code reviews with students to ensure they’ve mastered key concepts before progressing to the next section, and are ready to provide additional mentorship if students need help broadening their understanding.