About Us
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About Us

The American Institute of Technology was established in response to the education and training requirements for pharmaceutical/Health care industry professionals and the need for skills certification of technicians and Research Scientist in the field.

American Institute of Technology has remained the leading Institution for healthcare and pharmaceutical education and training offering fully integrated hands-on training in pharmaceutical and healthcare sciences, technology and regulatory compliance. The Institute will be prides itself on the ability to develop and enhance the human resource assets of the pharmaceutical and allied industry as well as serve as a resourceful source of expertise.

American Institute of Technology (AIT) provides training in pharmaceutical and IT industry including, not limited to at both on- site and off site training. We are experienced providing high quality training for students and corporates.

The healthcare and pharmaceutical training specialists at American Institute of Technology offer the informative courses that teach the critical and necessary skills that everyone should know.

  • Key features of our training
  • Team building workshops.
  • Organize your group with team building exercises.
  • Strengthen your team member’s relationship and morale.
  • Also provide them useful and time proven skills.